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Welcome to this informative ans insightful 2 hour Zoom recording of all you need to know about Homeschool Co-Ops.

Hear our experienced and knowledgable guest speakers hare their stories on homeschooling and co-ops, intertwined with some amazing wisdom on parenting, education and life in general.  Another Sunshine Coast Homeschool Community Council not to be missed!

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Contact Danielle to find out how Co-Op Mentoring can take the guess work out of building your new cooperative learning community…





Welcome to this amazing 2 hour Zoom recording of all you need to know about beginning your homeschooling journey.

Danielle’s knowledge and insight will not only leave you feeling informed but offer that big, deep, calming breath of relief that comes from feeling, hey, I’ve got this and I think everything is going to be OK…

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Does entering this new homeschooling world still have your head spinning???

Creating Your Co-Op:

Mentoring Sessions

 A homeschooling co-op is a group of families coming together to share teaching and learning.  Shared homeschool learning within a community is a beautiful thing and sharing the educating role with multiple adults and building social supports for kids and families can have all the benefits of school, yet within an emotionally nurturing and inspiring environment for all involved.  Receiving mentoring can assist your group in building their vision and negotiating the ups and downs that come with co-op creation.

Book a 90 minute Zoom Co-op Building Mentoring Session with Danielle.


Book a 90 minute In-Person Co-op Building Mentoring Session with Danielle. (Within the Sunshine Coast region)



Book a 45 minute Zoom Co-op Building Mini Support Mentoring Session with Danielle.


Educator Support:

Mentoring Sessions

Educators are the much needed missing link between homeschooling and building our new education paradigm within community.  Your creative and business ideas are so vital.  Enlisting mentoring can offer support in creating your vision for your new direction in your education career and help you to negotiate the regulations and loop holes needed to walk through this new learning community with confidence.  You can also gain valuable insight into the homeschool community and their needs. 


Book a 90 min Zoom Getting Started Educator Visioning and Business Support Session with Danielle.



Book an In-person 90 minute Getting Started Visioning and Business Support Session with Danielle. (within the Sunshine Coast Region)


Book a 45 min Zoom Educator Mini Support Session with Danielle.


Join the Homeschool Community Council, Sunshine Coast, to discuss all thing related to supporting our homeschooling community.  Have your say, share your knowledge, or simply listen to learn from the ideas of others. 


“It takes a village to raise a child!”

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