"You're forging your own path. That's super hero material before you even get started"

Educator Support:

Mentoring Sessions

Educators are the much needed missing link between homeschooling and building our new education paradigm within community.  Your creative and business ideas are so vital.  Enlisting mentoring can offer support in creating your vision for your new direction in your education career and help you to negotiate the regulations and loop holes needed to walk through this new learning community with confidence.  You can also gain valuable insight into the homeschool community and their needs. 


Book a 90 min Zoom Getting Started Educator Visioning and Business Support Session with Danielle.



Book an In-person 90 minute Getting Started Visioning and Business Support Session with Danielle. (within the Sunshine Coast Region)


Book a 45 min Zoom Educator Mini Support Session with Danielle.


You’re not alone in this.

Support is available here, now.