Homelearning. Your Family. Your Way

What do you want?

There are a lot of people out there who will tell you how your children should learn. What they should learn. How a family should function. And of course, what the end result should look like.  But you know what?


Those people aren’t you.

They don’t know you or the unique perfection that is your family, in all it’s messy, chaotic, brilliant expression of creation.  And they sure don’t know what you want. What each of your family members as unique individuals are capable of when their deep, divine energy is supported and allowed to unfold.


Only you can know this.

Believe it or not, your family have the potential, the power, to co-create a story truly unlike any ever created.

And when the story is that amazing, the rest of the world’s idea of an “end” point doesn’t even rate.



Your family.  Your learning space. Your way.  And you’re all just walking each other home to a place of your own choosing.


Danielle Trebilco

Enlisting personalised support for your homelearning journey can be a game changer.

Danielle Trebilco is a mentor and leader of the homelearning (r)evolution with a passion for assisting families to create their own learning journey outside of the schooling system. With 12 years experience supporting parents within the Montessori philosophy, Danielle channels her joyful, heart-centred approach to life and learning to assist families in tapping into their own joys, needs and capabilities to co-create unique life-learning experiences.