TEACHERS IN FREE-FALL: The homeschool community needs you
Once you’ve taken some time to sit with the shock, sadness, anger and fear that has come up for you, if you need to protest, do it. If you need to seek legal advice, do it. If you need to write emails and letters to decision makers, do it.
Then, start making plans.
The homeschool community in Qld is HUGE and increasing in number so quickly. Many families have entered homeschooling in free-fall just like you and need support. And you, now, need them. And this is, quite seriously, the start of something amazing.
If you don’t know much about the homeschool community, start researching. Check out the Guides on the Home Education Qld Facebook page. So much info there.
If you need income fast, contact some of the local tutoring companies and enrol with them. What you, specifically, have to offer, is needed by someone.
Join Facebook groups such as ‘Home School and Teachers Connect Australia’ and ‘Queensland Education United’ to connect with educators on the same wavelength. These can be a great space for support and ideas.
If you’re on the Sunshine Coast, join the Homeschool Community Council Sunshine Coast Facebook group to share ideas with local educators. If you live further afield, find or create a group like this. Building your local homeschool community will benefit everyone.
Go to your local homeschool Facebook groups and introduce yourself. Let them know the things about you that make you special and that you are open to all opportunities. There are parents out there looking for tutors and shared teachers for co-ops, and there are teachers looking for other teachers to start up Learning Hubs, multiple teachers creating their own businesses together. There are a LOT of parents looking for drop-off days so that they can still work, so think seriously about this niche when brainstorming ideas. For locals, Sunshine Coast Homeschool Community and North Sunshine Coast Homeschoolers Facebook groups.
This is a website where you can advertise your services for free.
Ok, now that you’ve gotten started, it’s time to get creative. What is it about working in the education system that you don’t want? If you could teach with complete freedom and autonomy, doing something that lights you up, what would that look like?
You now have the space and motivation to recreate your teaching career the way YOU want it to look. Pretty exciting huh?
If you need a hand, with any of this, get in touch. I’m now offering personalised mentoring sessions for educators starting out, educators starting Learning Hubs, families building co-ops and pretty much anything else that will support our beautiful homeschool community. This is what education will look like in the future and you got in at the ground level 🌱
Much love to you all