"You are forging your own path. That's superhero material before you even get started."


If you have arrived here, it is likely you have taken the courageous leap to leave the schooling system or you’re thinking seriously about it.

First, can I say, you are amazing.

Making the conscious choice to either remove your family from the system that schooled us or not even sign up at all? Well, that is a mammoth step in the direction of empowerment and freedom for you and your children.

And it takes such bravery.

You are being inundated from all sides with images of what everyone else does. What you’re “supposed” to do.  But you, instead, a forging your own path.  You are putting your family first.  In my books, that’s superhero material before you even get started.

Ok, so now what?

At school, you used a curriculum.  Should you do that?  At school, you used “age-appropriate” materials and standards. Should you do that? Or if you decide to leave it all behind and do this Unschooling thing, how do you know your child isn’t going to get to the end of their “schooling” years, want to go to university, turn out to be completely inept and you discover you’ve ruined their life??  Right?

Most homelearning families have traveled through this same maze of questions.  It can be overwhelming.

Sometimes, all you need is a little support to get you moving in a direction that feels right for you.  And the scary yet beautiful thing about that direction is, it will be entirely different to everyone else’s. Because there is no other family. No. Other. Family. Like yours. So how are you supposed to find this unique direction then?

Lets chat.

You’re not alone in this.

Support is available here, now.


I opted out of the system.

12 years teaching Montessori and the beauty of the philosophy had been eaten away by government regulations and, truthfully, the uptight Montessori schooling system.

What remains?

A deep belief in a child’s capability to know their own heart and direct their own learning…

Years of experience in creating beautiful learning spaces to inspire and support children in exploring their passion and love of learning…

Thousands of hours working together with devoted, loving parents, offering insight and support for their family’s learning journey…

Awe and amazement at the beauty revealed as a family moves through their challenges together, holding a mirror to their loved ones and unlocking each others’ gifts…

A drive to do whatever I can to support families to escape the broken education system and join the homelearning  (r)evolution.